Code Of Conduct v1.0

The Flying Trunk Monkeys Code of Conduct

1. Treat all opponents with courtesy and respect. ("Friendly Banter" is appreciated, however, who’s ancestor swung through the trees is irrelevant and usually counter productive).

2. Do not use profanity in game related functions.

3. Abide by all agreed game rules without exception.

4. Agree that the game host has final word concerning his game room.

5. Refrain from or excessive victory claiming or boasting during games. (Everyone knows who won, better to wait and be congratulated).

6. Refrain from using "game cheats" or software modifications in "Open" games without the permission of the game host or the knowledge of the players.

7. Refrain from advertising the faults and shortcomings of others. (Lead by Example).

8 Agree to abide by any Amended "Codes of Conduct" adopted by FTM in the future.

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